Born on a Navy base in Groton, CT, Jon Gutierrez began his
career as an EMT helping his missionary mother build a
hospital on an island off the coast of Honduras. He left the
world of emergency medicine to study Journalism and Political
Science at the University of Connecticut, while also
demonstrating magic tricks in a professional clown store. After
graduating, Jon moved to Miami to become a beat reporter for
Miami Today and then to New York City, where he worked as
an editor for ToyFare Magazine, writing the comic strip
Twisted ToyFare Theatre and drawing the attention of fans
Kevin Smith, Mark Hamill and Patton Oswalt.  He then worked
for Marvel Comics writing their stop-motion comedy web
series, Marvel Superheroes: What The?!?, fulfilling his life-
long dream of making Stan Lee perform the Vincent Price rap
from “Thriller.”

In NY, Jon studied comedy at the UCB and became a member of
their house improv and sketch teams while also writing
comedy videos for, which led to Fuse TV’s
Digital News hiring him to write interviews, news segments
and comedy videos. In 2015, he moved to Los Angeles and
wrote for the CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase, for
Lifetime’s comedy sex romp My Crazy Sex and in 2017 was
staffed on Funny or Die’s @midnight. In his first season as a
staff writer he produced 2 themed shows and enjoyed writing
personal jokes for his comedy heroes.
Jon lives in LA and can often be found working in his favorite
writing space: a Panda Express next to the Transformers ride
in the Universal Studios theme park.