If you lived through the 1980s, chances are you owned, listened to or watched the tiny blue gnomes named The Smurfs. They're actually much older than that, as Belgian cartoonist Peyo created them way back in 1958. And since then they've been entertaining (and boring the minds out of) millions of people around the world. Which brings up the question: How can the Smurfs be both universally popular and so boring that watching their "adventures" makes you want to take a smurfing gun and smurf yourself? It might be because the having a giant village of identical creatures doesn't really lend themselves to interesting, nuanced plots. Or it might be that their cartoons and comics relied on paper-thin storylines that were shallow even for '80s Saturday morning cartoons, which is really saying something.

Either way, The Smurfs were a blight on the cultural landscape, which will somehow be made even worse by the upcoming CGI movie travesty. After all, Smurfette was already annoying, but her voiced by Katy Perry should have you smurfing your eyes and ears out by the second smurfing act. But still, even the most boring, sappy properties usually have at least one or two interesting things hidden within their layers of horribleness. Here are the few we were able to dredge up from 52 years of Smurfs history. Read 'em and smurf!