If you're a fan of schlock-film studio Troma, then you've probably heard that there's a big-budget remake of The Toxic Avenger in the works, for some reason. We say "for some reason" because we can't think of any way a remake is going to improve on the original. Is there any more moving way you can portray the torment of geeky Melvin Ferd than dressing him in a tutu and pushing him into a container of toxic waste? And do we need updated special effects to better convey the emotional impact of a guy getting a milkshake stirrer rammed into his throat?

No we do not. The original film is amazing/horrible exactly the way it is... which isn't to say that some of the other movies that Troma's released over the years couldn't make some kick-ass remakes. In fact, giving one of Troma's lesser-known works a big-budget remake with modern special effects seems incredibly perverse... but exactly the sort of thing Troma loves to do. Here are our picks!

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