GoBots are the Rodney Dangerfields of '80s toys: they get no respect... and they're completely dead and never coming back. They've never been able to escape the reputation of being low-rent Transformers knockoffs, despite hitting U.S. toy shelves first and being a popular line that outlasted many other '80s toylines.

Nerdy historians have debated exactly why GoBots sucked for years. Some think it was because the Hanna-Barbera Challenge of the GoBots cartoon was apparently written for particularly slow 4-year-olds. Others think it was because the toys provided almost no information about the characters kids were buying, so kids never got as emotionally attached as they did to their Optimus Prime. It might even be that some GoBots were so simple that they transformed by just folding in half. But, whatever the exact reason was for their suckage, GoBots don't have a tenth of the nostalgic appeal of Transformers and we certainly aren't going to see them on the big screen peeing on John Turturro any time soon. But that doesn't mean they weren't sometimes occasionally interesting. Here are the eight instances of them being interesting we could find.

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