For a franchise that had eight "evil universe" episodes and Roddenberry-only-knows-how-many time travel episodes, it's hard to imagine Star Trek turning out any differently than it did. After all, when you think of Spock, you immediately think of the cool calm of Leonard Nimoy and when you think of Kirk, it's hard to imagine anything by the slightly hammy over-acting of William Shatner.

And yet, for every actor that got a Star Trek part, dozens auditioned and got disappointed that they didn't get their time on the cardboard sets of the various Enterprises. Of course many of those wanna-be-Trek-icons would've been worse than the final actors (I think we've all seen the footage of Geneviève Bujold's creepily low-energy version of Janeway.), but some of those actors would've taken the franchise in interesting and probably better directions. Here are the ones we would've loved to have seen.

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