Sure, they may be unstoppable on the page, but the old pulp heroes have one enemy that they can never seem to defeat: Hollywood execs. Yep, Hollywood has destroyed most of the great heroes in a way that all their masked nemeses could only dream of. The Shadow was reduced to Alec Baldwin playing… Alec Baldwin in a cape. The Phantom was brought down to Billy Zane somehow making purple spandex even more ridiculous. And the less said about the how-can-we-outcamp-Adam-West Doc Savage film, the better.

But lately, Hollywood has gone pulp crazy and is developing new films left and right, including a big budget adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars that Brad Bird’s developing for Disney. They’re even snatching up properties they’ve already done their best to destroy, as Sam Raimi has the rights to the Shadow (a new film is supposedly slated for 2012) and Shane Black is writing a Doc Savage screenplay for Sony. At the rate they’re going, they’ll be no more untouched pulps in a few years, so you’d better enjoy these before Hollywood gets some beefy faced actors to destroy them for you.

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