What is it about science fiction and westerns that go so well together? Is it because they both tend to feature frontier settings on the edge of civilization? Is it because they both celebrate archetypes of rugged individualists? Or is it just that a robot in a cowboy hat is friggin' awesome? Unfortunately, most people trying to combine the two genres just throw leather chaps on an alien or have dinosaurs run around Arizona - pure laziness. Heck, it seemed like every '80s sci-fi cartoon had one "cowboy" character in it, drawling in a southern twang and wearing an ill-fitting 10-gallon hat. (I'm looking at you Silverhawks and COPS). But while there was a lot of that faux-frontier spirit, some properties genuinely combined the best of both worlds (literally and figuratively) to make some truly original sci-fi Western stories. Here are the ten best space cowboy stories we've seen.

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