With the new Hollywood CGI Astro Boy now out in theaters, the usual question comes to mind: how close will it be to the original comic? And the answer for most US comic fans is..."who the heck actually read Astro Boy?" Well, we did. And we're betting the movie's changed a lot of this sad story of one robot's struggle against anti-robot racism.

If you're not familiar with it, "Astro Boy" (or "Mighty Atom" as it's called in Japan) started off as a manga series in 1952, written and drawn by the incredibly prolific Osamu Tezuka, the "god of manga." It takes place in a world where sentient robots are commonplace, but still often treated as objects. (Think A.I. without creepy Haley Joel Osment.) There have been several anime and manga adaptations of Astro's origin, but they all share one thing – they're depressing as hell.

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