If you're like us, you planned your future adulthood on all the things you saw in ‘80s cartoons and you planned on being a superhero, space explorer or ghostbuster when you grew up, just like your favorite cartoon heroes. But there was one profession that clearly topped all others: music star. It seemed like every cartoon had at least one musical character that would be dragged out for a special episode now and then , if not an actual band as the stars of the show (hey, even the Transformers had Jazz and Blaster...even if they never cut actual albums). But all this musical cartoon mayhem begs the question...which animated band rocked the most?

We at Topless Robot are out to answer that question with our list of the ten best, based on the criteria that regular bands are judged: how much money they make, how popular they are, both in the real world and their show’s world,and how often you can listen to their songs without bashing your head in with a rock (if only real bands were judged the same way).

The Top 10 Greatest Cartoon Bands Of All Time