It only takes a tiny nudge to push something wholesome into something really unsettling (remember how quickly Britney became an unsettling-to-look-at Twilight Zone version of herself?) and few companies creep across that line as much as Disney. Which explains a mysterious new ad campaign that's popped up on the Disney website that just features a black background with the words, "Are you 23?" - perfectly targeting the coveted "I enjoy Disney AND being stalked by online predators" market.

After a jarring fly-in appearance by Tinkerbell (presumably to comfort any crying kids mistakenly looking for Mickey), the site changes to an ominous looking countdown to March 10th, which is when I assume the disembodied questioner will be heading to my house with a box of condoms and a six pack of Natty Light.

While the online consensus seems to be that this will be tied to a new Disney DVD release, we'll just have to wait for the next site update. Our bet: "YOU'RE NOT A COP, RIGHT? YOU GOTTA TELL ME IF YOU ARE!"